Smith's Sharpeners Tri Hone Sharpening System

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Smith's Sharpeners Tri Hone Sharpening System EdgeSport Series. 8-7/8" x 3" x 3-1/8". Black composition housing with black non-slip rubber feet. Features 6" natural Arkansas sharpening stones - medium (soft), fine (hard) and aluminum oxide synthetic stone. Easy stone rotation and identification. Also includes angle guide and 1 oz. honing solution - non-petroleum based with built-in stone cleaning agents and rust/corrosion inhibitors. V-trough to catch excess solution. Sharpens knives and tools.


Manual Features:


  • 3 Stones Mounted on Rotating Molded Plastic Triangle for Easy Stone Rotation and Identification
  • Molded Plastic Base with Nonskid Rubber Feet for Safety
  • “V” Trough to Catch the Solution
  • Premium Honing Solution Cleans and Protects the Sharpening Surface
  • Sharpening Angle Guide Ensures Correct Angle every time


Stone Size:


6” x 1  5/8” x 3/8”





Medium Arkansas - 600 Grit

Fine Arkansas - 1,000 Grit

Coarse Synthetic


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1.80 LBS