Keeping your knife like new!

Posted by Kevin on 15th Oct 2020

Keeping a pocket knife in mint condition requires a lot of work. Just like keeping a pocket knife blade sharp requires effort, you have to exert the same amount of thought, particularity, work, and at … read more

Buying Italian Stiletto Automatic Knives!

Posted by Kevin on 6th Sep 2020

Switchblade knives have been around for well over a hundred years, and they’re here to stay. They have become very popular with Law enforcement, Military Personnel, Emergency Medical Technicians, and … read more

Buck Knives Nighthawk Short **Sale**

25th Jul 2020

While not as famous as their famous hunting knives, the Buck Nighthawk has been atried and true very successful line: strong enough for front-line duty and affordable enough that even the budget-consc … read more

Damascus Steel??

26th Jun 2020

The word “Damascus” goes back to medieval western cultures and refers to an earlier style of craftsmanship that first emerged in India around 300 B.C. This craftsmanship was prolific at the time, and … read more

Plain Edge or Serrated Edge?

11th Apr 2020

There's been a jump in recent years in the popularity of serrated edges, and there's often confusion as to when a serrated edge pocket knife is advantageous, versus when a plain edge folding knif … read more