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Richard Wright

A little bit about Rich in his own words:

My Family is from a small town in Southern Rhode Island, where I was born and grew up, I have lived here all of my life except for the four years that I spent in the Air Force. I spent my youth hunting shooting and working around my family's business which included an Automobile Dealership and two working farms. Some of my earliest playthings came from an abandoned Blacksmith shop which belonged to my Grandfather. I didn't really learn how to forge until much later in life, but the experience instilled in me an interest in learning the metal working trades. I have been making folding knives since 1991, at which time I created my first automatic. The folders I make are all one of a kind, but I do occasionally duplicate a style using designs that range from large folding fighters to small gents pocket knives. The mechanism in my knives is an ambidextrous bolster release. The materials include a variety of steels by such makers as Jerry Rados, Daryl Meier, Robert Eggerling and George Werth, however I do use other maker's steels when I find something that looks interesting,and I know that the quality of the steel will be reliable. I prefer to use natural materials such as Fossil Ivory, both Mammoth and Walrus, plus a variety of Pearl for scales or handles. I must admit that my knife making style has been heavily influenced by Bill McHenry and Jason Williams, both of whom originally started me making folding knives. Most of my life has been spent working as a machinist, toolmaker, welder and gunsmith. I became a fulltime knife maker in June of 2001 and I have most recently been awarded the BLADE Magazine award for best fantasy knife at the 2002 BLADE SHOW.