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Matthew Parkinson

Matthew Parkinson of Hartford CT the Forged In Fire season 1 episode 1 winner began his carer as a young teen making his first knife from an old file, under the direction of his grandfather. In 2005 Matthew with Jamie Lundell and Peter Swarz-Burt formed Falling Hammer Productions and it's subsidiary, Dragons's Breath Forge. In 2007 Matthew began teaching blacksmithing and bladesmithing, he has taught and continues to teach at the Brookfeild Craft Center, the Guilford Arts Center and at the Peters Valley School of Craft along with Private lessons in his own shop. Matthew specializes in making swords, knives, and axes from the early viking era to the early Renaissance, he is especially interested in viking style pattern welding, and the carving, inlay and engraving styles common to the viking era.