Thing's that make Spyderco unique

30th Oct 2018

Have you ever tried Spyderco knives? It stands for its functionality, features, design and much more. The company has a philosophy to inject convenience and innovation into its knives. Most of these innovations have set the standard for other knife brands. For a general view, here is a look at the most important things the company has pioneered into the knife industry.

Round Hole

It is most identifiable and radical feature which comes as the Spyderco Trademark Round Hole. The hole was introduced on the C01 Worker in 1981, to offer convenience and one-handed access to the blade. It is fit for any size of hand or gloves. Its idea comes from a dip in the blade, to allow equipoised opening. This feature redefined the way of similar-styled knives. But, you can’t see it on other knives as it is trademarked.

Clipit Knives

The company didn’t create the pocket clip. But, it was first to introduce the clip to the knife world. Before 1981 (the year of its introduction), knives were either tucked into the pocket or carried in a sheath. Clipit knives, or knives with clips, simplified everything.

Such knives are safe to use and easily accessible in the pocket. But, it couldn’t be patented, so, others began adopting the pocket clip into their knives. It has made the clip as one of the defining traits of a pocket knife. Isn’t it a valuable contribution to the world?


Visible from its name, the edge of knife introduced by the company is of saw-toothed design. Though the company was not the first to introduce the serration, it did set the standard for serrations on pocket knife blades.