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Getting familiar with the butterfly


An Insight into the Design and Features of a Butterfly Knife

Almost all of you at some point need to buy a pocket knife to perform any work easily while on the go. Well, in this context when it is about pocket knife then certainly have to talk a bit about the butterfly knife which is also known as the Batangas knife as well. Intriguingly experienced the user can simply use only one hand to operate the knife. Apart from a cutlery tool it also made a name in the domain of art and amusement as well. Therefore, it is time to get some sneak peek into the Batangas knife.

How is it actually designed?

Going deep about its architecture, it mostly consists two parts called the sandwich and the other one known as the channel.

  ● Sandwich design-Those butterfly knife is made in the sandwich style have layers which are nailed by means of bearing balls. Just note that when the blade is unused it remains in the middle of the layers.

  ● Channel design- The butterfly knife which has the channel design actually shows that every individual handle is made from a singular material. In fact, a narrow depression is also formed to hold the blade. Honestly, this particular design is robust compared to the sandwich design.


  ● In order to offer cutting-edge performance, the butterfly knife comes in fine steel finish which what give a sturdy and well-built look.

  ● Mostly the width of the blade extends to 0.13 inches while the length is generally 3.56 inches.

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