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Finding the right automatic knife


A good automatic knife is a very useful backup weapon when no weapon is available, especially when you are got trapped in rope or anything else. So, to cut it you need a piece of steel. That’s why many cops carry an automatic knife with them for any emergency but there are things to know before buying up a knife, as a knife need TLC to be in top shape

How does it feel in hand?

You need a knife that feels like an extension of your hand. For this, you need to see its size, weight, grip, and its design. If you need a knife for emergency you have to do so without looking at it .it should feel as a part of your body.

Blade design

The most important thing of the knife is a blade. The buyer had to see blade design, the material used and its length. But the tip is one of the most important to be noticed. Folded knife comes in two different types: tanto and drop point.

Tanto blade design was of Japanese knife which was made from broken swords. The blade is thickened until the tip reaches to the very sharp point. This design made it stronger from the tip.it can also be used as a good chopping and puncture tool. Drop point blades are like a kitchen knife blade they are good for slicing and skinning animals. The design is good for making fine cuts.

What handle type

The auto knife is manufactured from many materials like plastics, polymer, aluminum, titanium, etc. The main thing about the grip is to feel. It should feel as a part of your hand, if it is not, that grip is not the right one for you.

Price and quality

Automatic knife ranges start from $5 to $500. The $5 knife functions as the same of $500 but they both are different in quality as it is made of better steel that holds an edge longer. It has good grip and a better design and engineering. Most of the people hesitate to buy a costly knife but the fact is that one premium knife can be used lifetime which will ultimately be more cost efficient.

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