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Why choose Lightning OTF knives?


Quality and Affordability

The Lightning OTF series of knives is considered as one of the best alternatives to out the front knives for the money involved. The affordable pricing of these knives complemented with the features of quality construction, functionality and usability make them an interesting addition to the cutlery set of an individual. The Lightning series of out the front knives is the exemplar of obtaining a promising combination of convenience, usability, and value in a single product.

Functional yet Aesthetic

Coming to the structural aspects of the Lightning blades, it is essential to observe the casted zinc handle in each automatic knife that is characterized by a mildly textured design. You could also find different degrees of jimping around the handle that account for the improvement in its aesthetics as well as functionality. Another noticeable feature that can be found in the Lightning out the front blade variants is their availability in a wide assortment of blade styles and finishes as well as handle colours.

The Features And Designs

Other credible features that can be found in the Lightning OTF range of knives are associated with the trigger which provides flexibility of use. The trigger is placed on the spine of the handle and can be used for retracting as well as drawing the blade through a simplified pull and push motion. It is also inevitable to observe the handle coloured in black as well as a pocket clip that is specifically designed for tip-down carry for the conventional side of the handle.

The Various Types

The Lightning out the front knife is accounted as one of the most efficient OTF automatic knives with its extremely fast and solid action. While many of the lower priced variants are liable to show issues with quality, the Lightning does not struggle in maintaining stability once it is opened and locked. Furthermore, the bang for your buck aspect of the Lightning out the front knife makes it one of the best of the brand name in the OTF knife market.

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