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Variety and Usage of Automatic Knives


Automatic Knives, also known as switchblades have an elaborate history. The changed name stands for the utility in common daily life rather than for criminal acts which the switchblades were popular for. Presently, the Automatic Knives are manufactured by reputed companies that are truly automatically operational and not just folding knives with spring assist.

Advanced mechanism that did not clog or breakdown, quick deploy and retained sharp edge that persisted through rough use are the criteria of quality Automatic Knives. With materials and construction in focus and the top quality mechanisms at work, the Automatic Knives that are up to the quality are sorted out by experts of the industry.

Key Features:

The features that make the quality products stand out usually are,

  • Moulded grips, preferably aluminium handles,
  • Slim body for easy concealment,
  • Flush mounted deployment button to prevent accidents,
  • Stiff locking mechanism to prevent sudden closing,
  • Smooth slide,
  • Quick movement,
  • Quality steel and
  • Matt finish on the steel to keep the blade from glinting at night.

These Automatic Knives are commonly used by the military and police in their applications due to the element of easy deployment with one hand. For this reason, the handle and steel of the knives as well as its automatic feature and the mechanism related to it are important aspects of the whole product.

Differences with Assisted Openers

The main difference between assisted opening knives and Automatic knives is the action required for deploying them. Both kinds are spring loaded but the assisted opening knives require one to begin deployment manually before the blade springs and completely deploys the blade. There are usually no buttons on assisted openers to automatically deploy the blade and that is that primary and only difference between the Automatic Knives and assisted openers.

There are numerous knife collectors who also buy the Automatic Knives but they may or may not be legal in your state so due research is recommended before buying one such knife. The cool factor associated with an automatic knife is undeniable and the significant designer and manufacturing advances have improved the quality of the product manifolds. There is a lot of highlight on the discreet, legal, Automatic Knives that are comparatively new to the market and come with distinct designs and sharp edge. As with firearms, the buying of knives is mostly focused on what you plan to use it for, the Automatic Knives are good for any kind of use for that matter.

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