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Tips To Buying High Quality Custom Knives!


If you are planning to purchase custom knife for your home or business place, you must read below to learn the tips:

  • Firstly, you need to determine your needs. Think about the use of the knife. For what purpose you will use the knife will determine your selection. A flexible bladed thin knife for fish filleting is very much different from drop point knife used for hunting deer.
  • Have a look at the product catalogue and read the specifications on blade and handle. Choose the measurement which you can handle. You may visit your nearest hardware store to check the knife of similar measurement to find if you can handle it. The handle should not be too small or too large on your hands. Check the length of the blade as well.
  • It is important to find out the thickness of the knife blade. The thickness must be chosen as per the purpose for which you will use it. For instance, a sturdy survival knife cannot be used as a slicing knife.
  • Choose a proper design of the knife. Do not go for something too funky as that would distract your attention. Select the design you are familiar with.
  • Get to know about the steel it is made up of. Do not choose the steel on the basis of sheen and shine. An appealing Damascus steel may lack the edge to butcher big game animals.
  • When buying custom knives, have a look at the handles and what material is used for the making. If your task involves cleaning of slippery fishes, you may choose a handle which is anti-slip. The handle should fit your hands.
  • The color of the knife should be chosen after a careful consideration. If you are using it for hunting, you may choose gaudy orange color knife. Never choose dark color knives for if you drop it on the ground, it will never be found. Avoid buying leaf color or black color knives. To improve visibility factor, you may use florescent duct tape on the knife.
  • If the blade of the knife is rigid, it needs to have well designed and sturdy sheath.
  • When buying a knife, look for the best deals. Some of the sellers sell the knives at incredibly reduced rates.


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