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Time to consider the custom made stuff!


There are many people with a habit of collecting some unique things in their life. And the customized and handcrafted stuff is something they would love to have in their collection. Like all the other customized items present in the market, the custom knife is one of them. They are handmade and are created one at a time. They are either created by a single craftsman and in some cases, even by a team. The production of these customized knives based on the order by the customers.

The quality of handmade stuff is always better than the machinery ones. So, it’s time that you should bring in some quality handcrafted stuff in your life.

Categories of these knives

There are some important categories that will help you to have a quick knowledge of custom and customized knives:

  1. True custom knives

As mentioned before, the custom knives are handmade and are made by a craftsman individually. These knives can be made in different designs, but basically depends upon the order by the customer. These designs are created by the custom makers, according to their demand and popularity. A custom knife’s value depends upon the value of the person who makes it and the reputation he carries.

  2. Factory custom

The factory customs are the custom knives which became popular enough and expanded so widely that it required multiple craftsmen to make it. The standards of factory custom knives are as same as the custom knives. Depending on the workforce behind it, the factory custom knives are often valued more than custom knives. The knives that are made according to the specification of the customer are considered as the best example of factory customs.

  3. Custom designs

Many of the companies that produce knives often hire knife designers for the implementation of various and unique designs, so that it can be used for mass production. Eventually, it is sold as a custom knife, but with a custom design. Nowadays almost every knife making company creates custom designs and they are producing it in very large quantities. This is why they are still not considered as the true custom no matter how good they look.


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