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Picking the right knife for your hunting needs!


Going on a hunting expedition? Make sure you are carrying the right knife for general camp chores, hunting tasks and dressing and skinning the animals. There are three common blade types that you can choose for your endeavor. Have a look at each one of them:

  • Clip point: A clip point blade has a very well defined tip and a flat and thin blade. You can use this type of knife for camping activities, specific hunting tasks and skinning. If you are looking for an all-purpose hunting knife, you can go with a clip point blade.
  • Drop point: Unlike a clip point blade, a drop point blade cannot be used for regular camping activities. You can use this type of blade specifically for dressing and skinning the animals. The tip is not defined and the blade is thicker and curved.
  • Skinning blades: As the name says, these blades are used for skinning the animals and separating the skin from the flesh. However, the use of this blade is not limited to skinning purposes and you can also use it for other hunting tasks.


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