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Boker Knives Still a True Market Leader!


Since its inception in 1869, the Boker Company has kept its mark alive as a trendsetter and innovator in the industry. After 150 years in business, their most imminent product is the Boker knife.


It began with the making of sabers, swords and other similar tools for the exclusive use of the military for combat. With ancient roots in German cutlery from the 1600s, the Boker knife has taken the US knife market by storm. High-quality products and diversity in design and utility are the backbone of their business and has worked wonders in solidifying their position at the top layer of the industry. Their product line consists of automatic, hunting, manual folding, and fixed blade knives. There are numerous categories with a diverse price range made available for sale.


Key Features and Focus

The company’s interest and focus in expanding to a global market from Germany with branches in USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America have proven to be a successful venture as the company has still managed to stay in business after more than a century of its establishment. Their most important feature is the no compromise on the quality motto. The company has production in Asia as well. The Boker knife has their plus series which is exceptionally popular worldwide.

The variety in the Boker knife has attracted customers from all industries. Its small and medium range knives are extremely popular and so are their cutlery series. The value offerings do not compromise with quality and produce better quality products than that of its competitors in all the markets. Collaborations with designers and knife makers have helped the company perfect its craft further and the current calendar holds exciting new product launches for this year.

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