Ben Seward

Ben Seward started his Bladesmithing journey back in 2010. Ben attended the Introduction to Bladesmithing class at the Moran School of Bladsmithing in Old Washington, AR, taught by J.R. Cook and Mike Williams.

Lin Rhea, Jerry Fisk, and Kyle Royer have been friends and inspiration to Ben along with so many other great smiths. He earned his Journeyman Bladesmith rating with the American Bladesmith Society in 2013. He's  looking forward to testing for Mastersmith soon.

Ben strive's to make a knife that is first a tool and second a work of art. He uses knives in the field both deer hunting and duck hunting in Arkansas. Ben also trains in the use of the knife as a weapon. Using a knife as a tool and a weapon gives a different perspective on knife making...function first, then form.