REHABE is an enterprise founded in 1939 as manufactures of pocketknives and knives, mainly for the sport or outdoor activities and the military market. It manufactures utility knives, bowie knives, hunting knives, survival knives, throwing knives, scuba diving knives, machetes and multi-use pocketknives.

At first, its production was linked to the cutlery and hardware area but later on, it was eventually directed to the manufacturing of the ¨RED¨ multi-use pocketknife and the sport knife.

As part of its constant growth, the ¨GREEN¨ line of the multi-use pocketknife and the survival knife was developed which introduced them to the military and police market.

Since its origin, AITOR’S main goal has been to manufacture top quality products by using the best materials available, top of the line equipment and the most strict quality control. Step by step, AITOR has been achievingprestige related to a strong image in quality which has made it one of the best known manufacturers of cutlery and pocket knives in Europe with a clear exporting capability.

At the present time, it exports 50% of its production to more than fifty countries around the world among which Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, Brasil and the USA stand out. It is also a supplier to several Armies and other official organizations such as the ONU and the UNESCO.

In regard to the Military market, we are Aitor supplies to the Spanish, German and Dutch Armies as well as Asian Armies such as Malasia and Indonesia.