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Getting familiar with the butterfly....


An Insight into the Design and Features of a Butterfly Knife

Almost all of you at some point need to buy a pocket knife to perform any work easily while on the go. Well, in this context when it is about pocket knife then certainly have to talk a bit about the butterfly knife which is also known as the Batangas knife as well. Intriguingly experienced the user can simply use only one hand to operate the knife. Apart from a cutlery tool it also made a name in the domain of art and amusement as well. Therefore, it is time to get some sneak peek into the Batangas knife.

How is it actually designed?

Going deep about its architecture, it mostly consists two parts called the sandwich and the other one known as the channel.

  ● Sandwich design-Those butterfly knife is made in the sandwich style have layers which are nailed by means of bearing balls. Just note that when the blade is unused it remains in the middle of the layers.

  ● Channel design- The butterfly knife which has the channel design actually shows that every individual handle is made from a singular material. In fact, a narrow depression is also formed to hold the blade. Honestly, this particular design is robust compared to the sandwich design.


  ● In order to offer cutting-edge performance, the butterfly knife comes in fine steel finish which what give a sturdy and well-built look.

  ● Mostly the width of the blade extends to 0.13 inches while the length is generally 3.56 inches.

Time to consider the custom made stuff!

There are many people with a habit of collecting some unique things in their life. And the customized and handcrafted stuff is something they would love to have in their collection. Like all the other customized items present in the market, the custom knife is one of them. They are handmade and are created one [...]

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Knowing the Kershaw Launch 7!

KAI USA has a bad-ass automatic knife under the Kershaw brand. Called the Launch 7, the knife opens with the push of a button. As with all of Kershaw automatic knives the clever name of "Launch", with this one being the seventh model in the group.Made in the United States, the Launch 7 has a [...]

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Knowing Your Frame Lock Knife!

A frame lock knife is not that different from a liner lock mechanism in quite a few ways. The general patterns of opening and closing is pretty much the same in both of them. The only difference that you can however spot between these two is that in the liner lock you will notice that [...]

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Kershaw knives are reliable yet inexpensive?

Knives are the highly utilized in many ways and in many places. Therefore, manufacturers too are coming up with unique designs and make of the knife. There are butterfly knives, automatic knives and multi-utility knives to name a few. Each has its own distinct character and application. This has made knives popular all around the [...]

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Picking the right knife for your hunting needs!

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Tips To Buying High Quality Custom Knives!

If you are planning to purchase custom knife for your home or business place, you must read below to learn the tips: Firstly, you need to determine your needs. Think about the use of the knife. For what purpose you will use the knife will determine your selection. A flexible bladed thin knife for fish filleting [...]

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Custom Made Knives that fit your needs!

Custom made knives made of superior quality & character.Tactical knives are used in survival situations and as such require edges that retain sharpness, sure grip handles, and reliable opening/locking mechanisms in the case of folding knives. These styles must deploy quickly and lockup solidly without fail. Since tactical knives are used in special force operations, they often are coated with non-reflective [...]

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​Benefits of a tactical pen as a defense tool

Life is very unpredictable and mishaps do not come knocking the door. This is why you need to be ready all the time to handle the situation properly when something anomalous happens. The best way to upgrade your utilities to come out of a messy situation is a tactical pen.Benefits of using the pen Small and perfect defense toolThe cases of harassment and [...]

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Backpack: The Sole Mate Of Your Journey

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